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We had a little 16 foot ring set up in the building and there would be shows weekly. The girl of course lands down, that’s the finish, you go to cover.

This particular night, Taryn Terrell is in a mixed tag match. She (Taryn) basically grabbed the leg, tried to pin her while she was face down, trying to get that 1-2-3 on a face down opponent. At the time I was much more cynical about people who weren’t awesome at wrestling. I think she just went for the pin, she didn’t know the difference.

I am, without a question of a doubt, as high on that pecking order as you can get. Frankie Kazarian spent more than a decade in total with TNA before being let go last spring, and he was a multiple tag team and X-division champion.

He quickly found a home in Ring of Honor with his tag team partner, Christopher Daniels.

Louis, Missouri-based Gateway Championship Wrestling (GCW) promotion.After three months of training, Korklan began wrestling for GCW on October 20, 2000, becoming the first person under the age of 18 to receive a wrestler's license in Missouri.Prior to this, Korklan had briefly performed under the ring name Lance Sydal in the Saint Peters Wrestling Organization.I was working with a ton of guys who had more experience than me at the time, like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.Now, in this run, you're talking to a guy who is a future Ring of Honor World Champion.

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