Serena williams dating black men

But y’all keep falling for it because deep down some of us want to see the worst in people. Even I talk about cousin who is a Bishop and his moving hairline. Sadly, the worst among us want to see the mighty fall.

They started dating while he was still married to Clarisse Mouratoglou with whom he has two kids.

In the Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf identified that standard to be constructed by advertisers, occupied with selling us a dream.

From Disney princesses to magazine covers, to the beauty counter that doesn’t cater to the colour of our skin, women who aren’t white are constantly reminded that participating in femininity isn’t supposed to be for us.

"Unfair pay has prevailed for far too long with no consequence," Williams wrote.

"Changing the status quo will take dedicated action, legislation, employer recognition, and courage for employees to demand more. Men, women, of all colors, races and creeds to realize this is an injustice.

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