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Act like a dweeb and you'll find yourself alone watching Skinemax at the end of the night. A sequel is planned for this game (though might take awhile). i know it looked like i just hadn't bothered to optimise things properly, but that just wasn't the case. the heart after I made the bottle levitate was just over half full, a few lines were said, and for some reason shortly after without me doing anything at all, it jumped to the guy and girl kissing and is frozen. No Way Your animation was great, but the story line was lame. I would love to see you do something with your animation skills.i blame macromedia for releasing their first non backwards compatible player! You could make some of the best sex and dating sims.

Some of us used to get frequent emails asking that we’d post absolutely awful pick up artist demonstration videos, so this is wonderfully cathartic for us.So go ahead and have some fun watching a gross pick up artist get laughed off repeatedly.Alternately, send the game to someone you suspect might be in danger of believing some of the “game” nonsense, and let the simulator knock some sense into them. I might do a bit more work on it though, so any constructive feedback is very welcome.*** The server handling the THEGAME link (and highscore table) may be down, so until NG staff get a chance to upload the new version of this, you can get the lowdown at: apologies to all users with the flash 8 player - there was a strange conflict going on there that was a nightmare to track down.

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