Christian dating service to browse

The questionnaire has been written and refined over the years, using our careful research to narrow down which questions will help us create an accurate dating profile for you and find you the best possible matches.

We ask questions on the key areas of compatibility such as lifestyle and values, knowing that if you share similarities with someone in these crucial areas, you will have a strong foundation for a successful relationship.

North American Christians represent between 75 and 77 percent of the population, so you'd think that any two people who are strong in their faith would have no trouble meeting each other and getting together.

Yet, as lives grow busier, with more time dedicated to working than anything else, it turns out that it's not as easy as it might appear at first glance.

Again, we have tried to indicate sites that are run by Christians where possible.

Young love is a delight, but for many Christian young people, finding a suitable date is hard among the more worldly dating sites.

We have tried to indicate which sites are Christian-owned, as well, if that's important to you.

And we can help you find them, searching among the online Christian dating community for someone who’s just right for each of our members.

The Christian Mingle app makes it easier than ever for people of faith to meet, date and relate!

Download the app today and browse profiles of single Christians, chat in real-time with local men and women, or message your match to see if there’s chemistry.

Your faith is important to you so it should be important to the person you are dating, right?

Here is a list of dating sites, most of which cater to Christians only, and some that have a strong Christian presence.

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